Ask Yourself This

Is your DNFB below 5 days?  What is your cost to collect?  Are your AR days below 30?  Is your denial rate less than 5%?  Is your net revenue collections over 100%?  Is your AR>90 below 20%?  Are you monitoring your registrations for accuracy?  Do you provide real and accurate patient estimates?  Do you know your contract reimbursement rates?  Do you know where every claim is 100% of the time?  Do you stop claims from falling off the cliff and hitting timely filing? Are you capturing all of your charges?  Are you reconciling your charges daily?  Is your CDM up to date and are you charging you technical and professional fee’s correctly?  Do you do quality checks and reporting on your front desk staff?  Are you capturing errors on the front end that will prevent denials and delayed payment and sometimes no payment in claims? Are you following up on every account from pre-registration to full payment and know where every account is every step of the way?  Are you monitoring your AR daily and creating key performance indicators?  Are your coders coding correctly?  Do you have coders coding?  Do you have a denials management system?  Do you have a clams management / follow-up system?  Do you have a contract management system?

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How Can We Help

These are just several questions you should be asking yourself on a daily basis.  At Revenue Cycle Solutions, we do and we can solve one or every one of these key metrics that any revenue cycle should have.  With every client we ask ourselves these questions daily.  We can analyze your revenue cycle department from head to toe or we can help in any specific area.  On average, we save our clients over $1 million dollars per year throughout our engagement and for most clients we save in upwards of $5 million dollars in year one.  We have nearly 20 years of revenue cycle experience and have seen it all!  But, we are not only consultants.  As we find issues with your revenue cycle we build systems and implement systems to help prevent the issues from occurring in the future.  This is at NO ADDITIONAL COST and is included in our fee’s.  When we leave, we leave the system with you and you own it.  You never have to pay a dime. 

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Services and Free Systems

We have built custom systems for monitoring patient registrations and to catch errors on the front end, denials management systems, complete billing follow-up systems with full workflow and even contract management systems to name a few.  Our systems are developed by us for you while we are onsite.  Our systems are used today in major healthcare organizations.  We have provided a few sample systems in our website under demo’s.  For our low hourly rate, we not only find potentially millions of dollars in lost revenue but we then implement our own unique systems designed specifically for you.  There is no catch, when our time / contract is over, the systems is yours to keep for as long as you want to use it.  

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Our Company

Call us for a free consultation but our services are simple or request detailed information!  We take the guesswork out of your Revenue Cycle.  Our hourly rate is $150 an hour, almost a fraction of what other companies charge.  Our team is the most experienced in the world and none of our staff has less than 18 years’ experience.   We have designed patient access systems, denials systems, patient estimator systems, medical necessity systems, claims follow-up systems and even insurance payment systems so we know exactly what they are looking for!  Our staff arrives on site for whatever you need. 

We can analyze one department or your entire revenue cycle process.  As we find areas of opportunities we not only show you, but we build systems and reports to address the opportunity so that once we leave, you control your own revenue cycle.  Most companies want long term contracts, we do not.  We only work with up to a maximum of 10 Hospitals or organizations at a time and our goal is to resolve your issues, build your systems so that we can leave your revenue cycle to you!  We are the only company in the world that does this. 

We build custom systems at the same time while we analyze your processes.  We have full claims follow-up, denials and patient access systems used today in MAJOR hospital organizations.  The great thing about it is we build the system for you.  You own it!  You pay no licensing!  It is your system.  But, most importantly, we have the most knowledgably staff in the world.  They have worked for every major healthcare organization in the United States.  They understand the entire revenue cycle spectrum.  We require no long-term contracts, you simply tell us what we need and we will estimate the hours needed.  You simply pay 20% up front and the project begins!  We will be on site within 2 weeks!   

We have revamped entire revenue cycle departments (Patient Access, HIM, Medical Records, Business Office) in less than 3 months.  We have created entire revenue cycle departments in major hospitals across the country in as little as 4 months saving over $5 million dollars per year.  Call or contact us today and let us get you started.


Next Steps...

Call us toll free at 1-833-RevCycle (1-833-738-2925) for a free consultation or to find out about our services!  We are your one stop for all revenue cycle questions and solutions!  You can also use our quick contact form and we will call you back or if you would like a more detailed response and quote you can use our request detailed data.