Our Approach

We don't need to put a lot of useless words on a website, we have 1 goal and 1 goal only and that is to fix your revenue cycle issues.  We are the only Revenue Cycle Consulting company that not only provides full consulting services, but also builds the systems, reports and educational materials that you need so that once our engagement ends, you own and control your own revenue cycle.  While we are experts in every aspect of the revenue cycle, we transition this knowledge to your team.  We are experts in all areas from the front of the house to the back of the house.  We can analyze, document, recommend and then revamp every position and department from the pre-scheduler to the insurance follow-up representative and from the moment the patient is entered into the system until the moment the balance is 0.  We 100% guarantee we will increase your net revenue and on average have increased our partners / clients revenue at 10 times what they have paid for our services just while we are working the engagement. 

Our Story

We started doing this almost 20 years ago.  Well before the 837's, 835's, etc. even were thought of.  We actually built those from scratch for customers and were the first company to have over 20 clients create 837's and accept 835's.  In fact, we were submitting 837's and the government was not able to accept them. We build our own claims remittance processing systems.  We created our own front end QA systems to be sure every registration was accurate.  We started the automated eligibility checking !  We were the first system to take denials and process them in an automated system and then assign to staff using our own workflow engine!  We were the first company to take ATB's and create a full workflow oriented claims follow-up system.  Never again will you wonder where a claim or service is held up!  We designed the revenue cycle and understand where every possible issue can occur and we will resolve them with you and for you.  We don't just mention the issues, we fix them, train you and then build systems to prevent them from occurring in the future.  We have worked with hundreds of major hospital systems down to the local doctor's office in maximizing the revenue cycle process and increasing net revenue to full potential.  We have found over $115 million dollars in what would of been lost revenue for our clients since 2000. 

Why Haven't We Heard About You?

It kind of makes us laugh when we are at HFMA or sitting at a executive lunch table and mention who we are.  We typically hear who?  What do you do?  Where are you located?  But, we do this for a reason.  We never have more than 10 partners/clients at a time. We provide our undivided attention to our clients.  Our CEO is on site at every client site at least once a month and even leads our larger projects. We keep a very low profile but have probably worked at or in just about every major hospital system in the country.  Give us a call and we would love to share stories with you.  We also keep our rates low by not advertising, not buying booths at conferences and we spread our word by our reputation and word of mouth.  You will find us at HFMA and other major conferences but we are not there to advertise, we are there to learn the latest and greatest but also present.  We also rarely promote ourselves and have worked inside major companies like Catholic Health Initiatives, Conifer Health, Mercy Health, Eastern Maine Health, Most State Systems, Vail Health, Summit Community as well as hundreds of others.  On average since 2000 we have reduced our clients DNFB days by nearly 32%, reduced denials by 25%, increased clean claim rate by 10% and increased net cash revenue by 16%. 

Meet our Founder

We don't want to brag but want to let you know and share some of our founders adventures in the Revenue Cycle Arena and personal life to give you a better idea of just how much experience is behind Revenue Cycle Solutions.   Ladies and Gentlemen, our CEO, John Marnell.  If you don't want to read about him you can skip to see some of our clients and projects but overall we have been in business for nearly 20 years and have helped thousands of partners in all areas of the Revenue Cycle. 

John Snow

John Marnell Ice Fishing Maine 2015

Welcome Message and where it all began and how I got involved in healthcare back in 2000


My name is John Marnell and I am the proud founder of Revenue Cycle Solutions and so extremely proud of our new base just outside of Vail, Colorado!  I want to tell you about my professional and personal life, so you know exactly what you are getting when you become a partner with RCS Solutions.  I began my career at 16 years old and have never had a day off since, I currently am 45 but usually don’t share that with too many people.  I graduated college as a private, instrument and commercial pilot back in 19996 from Embry Riddle.  While I loved flying after a few years it became a little repetitive and after graduation I had a choice of flying with Comair making about 15k a year or moving to Miami as a business consultant making more then double that.  Miami, it was, and I soon began my career as a consultant.  Lucky for me, I quickly was promoted from a project coordinator to a business analyst to a technical analyst and then made the head of the team as the Project Director by 1998.  My career was taking off and I seemed to have found my true passion, analyzing data and analyzing issues and systems and running projects and feeling the satisfaction of successful implementations.  I actually was the project manager involved in the first DMA Opt Out, this is where you can submit your telephone number to prevent telemarketers calling you.

Well that story is for another day, all of my hard work and skills paid off. In 1999, I became the Senior Project Director for Trans World Airlines and while very nervous holding such a massive role at only 26 years old, I successfully landed TWA into the year 2000 without single flaw other than our elevator getting stuck on the 2nd floor of our headquarters in Kansas City.  Well, once that project occurred I felt like I could do anything and was this is where my healthcare experience began, back in the year 2000. After my TWA experience I decided to start up my own consulting company and this was the beginning of Revenue Cycle Solutions.  Back then being young and noble, I named it John Marnell Consulting, then in 2012 named it John Marnell Enterprises as we began to expand but as I aged I learned that my name did not have to be in everything (chucking as I type this).

My first contract was as a consultant for the State of Minnesota.  While I never had any billing experience, it was my analytical skills that really landed me this contract. I designed billing systems and worked on claims and follow-up way prior to the electronic 837's and 835's.  I then was put in charge for one of the first EMR installations in the country and was the Project Manager.  Well, back then the technology was junk (to be total honest) and the vendor just never seemed to get it right. I can’t blame them as it was all so new back then.  However, I used to beat them up daily.  “Why doesn’t the registration check this, why can’t I bill electronically, why can’t I monitor every claim, why can’t I see and track this information”. 

John Hawaii

John Marnell Wedding 2014

....career history and creation of RCS Solutions



At one point I created a 200-page document on the system inefficiencies as I created over 200 of my own databases and applications to properly run and manage our revenue cycle.  Well, life works in mysterious ways and you won’t believe what happened next. The vendor’s CEO flew me out to New York one day and said and I quote word for word “you’re such a pain in the ass and basically designed our system we want you to come over to us and run all of our quality assurance and customer service”.   My contract with the State of Minnesota renewed itself a few times and was about to expire and I only had a few other small side contracts so off to New York I went in 2001. 

 Here I was spearheading their quality assurance process whereby instrumental in creating a completed EMR from pre-registration to billing just the way I knew it should work from being at the state.  Between 2001 and 2008 I personally worked with over 100 hospitals and in over 12 state run hospital systems implementing or working with over 2,000 total clients re-doing entire revenue cycle processes and revolutionizing the registration, billing, and claims follow-up processes.  I was this vendors main Revenue Cycle Director, Customer Service Director and Project Implementer.  I miss being young and having all that energy, but I sure did wear a lot of hats.  However, the experience was second to none.  I learned every single position and aspect of the revenue cycle and the exact workflow needed in the front end and back end as well as how it all has to work with the system.  Having both the process down and the systems down, I truly could see the entire picture.  

I myself built several systems to run fake claims through to test the new electronic formats (837, 835,997, etc.) and had all clients ready to submit and received claims prior to the Government even implementing them.  Some of the state systems that I worked with were the State of Texas, the State of Colorado, the State of Nevada, the State of Minnesota, the State of Tennessee to name a few.  It then became apparent that the California Revenue Cycle markets would be very unique with Short Doyle, Medi-Cal and numerous unique requirements so I then moved out and took over the California Market whereby overseeing over 20 county revenue cycle systems in the State of California.  

From there I contracted with the largest health system in Hawaii and 3rd largest system in the country, to be the Senior Director and oversee the largest Siemens EMR implementation every undertaken.  I was not only the Senior Finance Director and Revenue Director but was also the Senior EMR Project Director and filled multiple roles.  The 300-million-dollar project was a complete success and it was the first time all of Hawaii across 5 different islands was on one uniform EMR platform. 

John Pilot

John Marnell the Pilot 2012

...experience conclusion - call me or email me!



Following the successful implementation, I then went to the island of Kauai to assist in finding lost revenue where I built the now famous MARS (Marnell's AR System) claims follow- up system.  I take no credit in the name; the system was named by the staff in a naming contest.

Kauai's DNFB dropped by 50%, cash collections were up by over 25% and AR days were slashed by 40%.  Feel free to send me an email and I will send you several presentations on the MARS system and what it did for this organization.  From there I went into several major hospital and clinic systems to revamp revenue cycle processes and systems.  Most notably I went into major system in Maine and was responsible for starting an entire revenue cycle team and had just 6 months to do it. These systems gross revenue was in the billions per year. The consultant firm they had running their revenue cycle was being removed and I had to setup every single department, systems and processesImagine taking over an entire revenue cycle process (Patient Access, HIM, Billers, Denials, Posters, etc.) and bringing it all back in house. Well, it was a complete success and we saved them over $2.5 million dollars in the first year alone. 

After this success I went over to partner with a major health care revenue cycle company Conifer.  During this role, I was responsible for overseeing all Iowa operations for another major hospital organization that also does well over 5 billion a year in gross revenue. Once that project was completed successfully I moved on to work in Vail, Colorado for another major hospital and clinic system.  While here, in the first 5 months they had the highest net cash collections in history and collected over 136% of revenue.  The AR days were slashed from 70 to 40 in 4 months. 

I then decided that this was the place for me and fell in love with Colorado and moved Revenue Cycle Solutions to Colorado just this year!  We take pride in helping everyone from small clinics to major hospital systems recover what was lost revenue and streamline the overall revenue cycle process.  To this day I love the outdoors, flying, snowboarding and boating and I demand that every one of my team members enjoys a personal life and spends time with family.  When my team is on vacation, I don’t allow them to check email or make work calls. I truly value each and every one of my team members as my own family.  If you have any issues with your revenue cycle or if something just keeps you awake at night, call or email me today, I would love to hear from you! 

You can call me directly or even text me on my personal cell at 207-889-7486 or email ceo@fixmyrevenuecycle.com.  I will never take on more than 10 clients/partners at any time and never overextend my team.  My number is always available to all my partners and they all see me on site very often and I still lead most of our largest projects.

Next Steps...

Call our customer information line today to discuss your revenue cycle needs.  We are always happy to talk with you and will never pressure you into any services until you are ready.  We also are always happy to offer free advice; simply call us at 1-833-Rev-Cycle or email us Support@fixmyrevenuecycle.com or if you want us to call you back use your quick contact or for more detailed requests click here