Revenue Cycle Solutions

Our number one focus and goal is to find your revenue cycle issues and be sure you are getting the maximum net revenue for your organization.  This includes analyzing every possible area of the revenue cycle or select areas that you need specialized assistance on.  We have revamped entire organizations and also streamlined individual departments.  We analyst every aspect from initial scheduling to contract management, coding, billing, claims follow-up, denials and cash posting.  Why is your DNFB at 10 days?  We will find out but then resolve it.  We don't just make recommendations, we get the issue fixed!  Are you charging you tech and pro fee's correctly?  Are your CDM's setup correctly?  Are you a fee for service or fixed fee and how does that impact your reimbursement? We analyze all or as much as you want us to or need us to.  We have helped thousands of clients maximize net revenue.  One of the biggest challenges a lot of organizations has is with increasing AR and not being able to forecast cash.  We have mastered this and built our own systems so your AR will never be out of control again.  No matter what your issue is with your revenue cycle, no job is to large or small or us.

Free Systems / Workflow

As our team analyzed you revenue cycle deficiencies if it involves more than a process change, we will build the systems to monitor those areas.  We have designed thousands of systems custom to every client such as monitoring the front desk and being sure registrations are accurate before a denials hit, denials systems that monitor denials and then loop back to patient access to be sure they are resolved,  contract management systems to know exactly what your net revenue should be for every claim that goes out,  patient bill estimators, CDM systems to monitor your CDM's and be sure you are charging correctly and the professional and technical fee and have even created complete claims follow-up systems that monitor every claim and assign them to billing representatives.  When we create these, we only charge the basic hourly fee for all of our services and the system is then yours to keep!  Our systems are in hundreds of organizations today at no cost to them.

One Fee No Long term contracts

We are the only revenue cycle company that has one flat rate.  Not one of our team members has less than 15 years experience, we only hire the best of the best and every staff member has been a Revenue Cycle Director or CFO in major healthcare organizations!  We only charge $150 per hour and do not require any long term contracts.  You can sign up for 10 hours to review your AR issues or 1000 hours to re-do your entire billing and claims follow-up process.  You pay the same rate.  We can work with you and in most cases can work remotely with the proper system access to keep your costs down.  Our team has the experience and resources available to tackle ANY revenue cycle issue.  Our team overall has worked in every areas of the revenue cycle and actually has worked in the front desk, in billing, in HIM, in denials prevention and management.  They have the hand on experience in the individual departments but then have also been promoted up to a Director / CFO level and know the in's and out's of the entire process.  We only hire the best of the best and the top 1% of revenue cycle consultants / analysts in the world.  Not only that, we require all of our team members to know every KPI and know how to create reports to help you monitor your revenue cycle.  They are not only revenue cycle experts but also understand IT and every major EMR in the market today!


100% Guarantee

If at anytime for any reason you are not happy with our services, we will end the engagement NO QUESTIONS ASKED!  We require no advanced notice.  We can offer this because we know our services are parallel to none.  We have never had to honor this request and it is because we simply have the best team in the world to help tacked your needs.

Testimonials from HHSC Hawaii - 3rd Largest State System in the Country (the staff named the system after our CEO MARS for Marnell's AR System they were so pleased with it)


  • The Revenue Cycle Solutions system is a sophisticated system that allows the Business Office to 1) prioritize the highest dollar accounts for  daily follow up, 2) monitor our DNFB accounts, 3) early detection on trends, 4) simplify account follow up, and 4) the ability to monitor rep accountability. –DonnaLee Smith
  • MARS system (named by our staff after the Revenue Cycle Solutions CEO John Marnell) has automated and made our billing process more effective. MARS enables us to set dates for follow up and tracks our high dollar accounts. MARS system has daily, weekly and monthly reports. The old ATB system was a manual system that was given to us monthly to work on. By the time we would receive the next month’s ATB print out, the accounts were already 30 days old. The MARS system is updated daily and allows us to track and follow up on our accounts more efficiently. –Shelcie Fune

Next Steps...

Call us toll free at 1-833-RevCycle (1-833-738-2925) for a free consultation or to find out about our services!  We are your one stop for all revenue cycle questions and solutions!  You can also use our quick contact form and we will call you back or if you would like a more detailed response and quote you can use our request detailed data.